Communication Training Programs

Coaching Programs

For individuals who want to develop their communication skills, we offer one-on-one coaching programs. These are highly customized programs designed to address the participant’s specific training needs. One of the advantages of attending our coaching programs is that the participant can learn at his or her own pace.


Effective Business Communication

This program covers English grammar, business writing, oral communication and presentation skills.. Thus, if developing your self-confidence in communicating is your goal, then this is the right program for you.


Effective Business Writing Coaching Program

The Effective Business Writing Coaching Program provides practical tips to help you develop your English proficiency and write clear, concise and organized business letters, emails and memos.


Effective Business Writing Distance Learning Program

The Effective Business Writing Distance Learning Program is a self-paced program that allows you to learn how to write effective business correspondences wherever you are in the world. You will be given a manual and some exercises to aid you in your learning.


Powerful Presentation Skills

The Powerful Presentation Skills Coaching Program allows you to overcome your stage fright and develop the right skills to face an audience and deliver a business presentation.


Effective Oral Communication

The Effective Oral Communication Coaching Program lets you discover your own personal barriers in communicating, particularly in speaking. This will help you develop your confidence in speaking with different kinds of people in business and social scenarios.


Interview Skills

Effective communication skills are vital in job or school admission interviews. This program aims to equip you with the techniques in answering questions and tips on how to confidently carry yourself in job and school interviews.