Communication Learning Programs

Consultancy Services

Through our consultancy services, we can help you by giving you a comprehensive evaluation of your business correspondence, speech, presentation and/or resume. In addition, we can give you some recommendations on how to further improve your business materials.


Business Correspondence (letters, emails and memos) 

We can provide you with an evaluation of the clarity, organization and conciseness of your correspondence. Moreover, we will give you recommendations on how you can make your correspondence more effective and easier to understand.


Business Presentation

If you want to know if your presentation is clear and powerful enough for your target audience, we can provide you with insights on how your current presentation may look like to them. On top of this, we will give you tips on how you can make your presentation more appealing and interesting.



We can help you with a speech you are writing, whether it is for work, school or a social event by evaluating your speech’s content and giving recommendations on how you can make it more interesting for your target audience.



Effective communication is one of the keys to getting your dream job or to being admitted to your dream school. We can review your resume and tell you what your resume is saying about you. Plus, we can give you more tips on how you can customize your resume for your dream job or school.