Communication Learning Programs

Communication Training Programs for Engineers

Communication skills are also important for engineers! Thus, over the years, many companies have sought Communicare’s master trainer and founder, Monica Prado, to conduct communication training programs for their engineers because of her experience in training these professionals. In 2012, Monica conducted an extensive study on the engineers’ communication training needs. Based on the results of her study, she launched Communicare for Engineers, a set of communication training programs designed specifically for engineers. (Currently, all programs are offered virtually. Please contact us for more details.)


In these communication training programs, discussions and activities are related to real workplace scenarios that engineers usually encounter in the workplace such as delay in their project timeline. Engineers are also taught how to communicate with non-technical people which most engineers find difficult, given the technical nature of their job. Most importantly, the lessons are simplified and made fun for engineers who are not very fond of English communication.


Effective Business Communication

In the Effective Business Communication Training, the engineers review the English grammar and learn the practical tips for business writing and presentations skills. Here, they also learn how to simplify their message for non-technical people and convey professionalism in their everyday business communication.


Effective Business Writing

The Effective Business Writing Training aims to make business writing easier for engineers. Here, they learn the process of business writing so that they can prepare professional, organized and clear business letters, emails and memos for both technical and non-technical people.


Powerful Presentation Skills

In the Powerful Presentation Skills Training, engineers learn how to simplify their technical presentations through proper presentation of data, simplified word choice and clear analysis of the information they are presenting. Through this, they can confidently deliver business presentations that can be easily understood by their audience.


Assertive Communication

The Assertive Communication Training aims to help engineers overcome their own communication barriers and develop their speaking skills. This helps them gain the confidence they need when speaking with their bosses, colleagues, suppliers and proponents in different workplace scenarios.