The Communicare Difference

Communicare Training and Development’s goal is to help organizations and individuals in the Philippines learn how to communicate effectively. We offer customized, applicable and fun communication training programs. Currently, all our programs are offered virtually to make learning possible for our participants wherever they may be!


We customize our training programs  to address the learning needs of our participants. Before conducting a training, we conduct a learning needs analysis through questionnaires, meetings and/or a review of documents such as the participants’ past business correspondences. This allows us to design a training that is suitable to the needs of our participants and their organization’s line of business.


Our learning programs are applicable. Discussions are related to real-life scenarios and the business and line of work of our participants. Moreover, during the learning sessions, participants are given hands-on activities that are typically done daily in the workplace such as writing, speaking and presenting.


Lastly, who said that learning can’t be fun? We believe that a fun learning atmosphere is far more enriching! We ourselves are not fans of long, boring lectures. Thus, our training and learning sessions are very interactive. Aside from the class discussions, our participants learn through hands-on activities and interaction with their facilitators and co-participants. Check out photos of some of our actual learning sessions here.