Communication Learning Programs

Coaching Programs

Communicare‘s one-on-one online coaching programs are for those who want to develop their communication skills and image through a personalized program especially designed for them. Students who complete their coaching program’s requirements shall receive an e-certificate.


Effective Business Communication 

This is Communicare’s flagship and most in-demand program! Through this program, you would learn how you would be able to communicate effectively in the workplace. The EBC covers two important skills: writing and speaking.


Effective Business Writing 

Effective Business Writing is one of our most requested online coaching programs! This aims to help you learn how to write clear, organized, concise, and professional business emails. 


Advanced Business Writing 

The Advanced Business Writing Program is designed to help you develop your own writing style. Additionally, you will learn how to write different types of emails for various workplace scenarios. 


Effective Speaking Skills  

Do you want to be a more confident and effective speaker? This program aims to equip you with speaking techniques for both face-to-face and virtual meetings.


English Grammar Refresher

Do you want to improve your English communication skills? Let us help you through this refresher course we designed for professionals. In this course, we review topics such as subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, prepositions, and sentence construction. 


Strategic Personal Branding  

Strategize to become the best version of yourself through this program. This is deigned to help you convey professionalism and excellence through your appearance, behavior, communication, and digital presence. 


Leadership Communication

Are you a growth-driven leader or company executive? Do you want to strengthen your presence and communication skills? Learn how you can effectively coach and communicate with your people so that, together, you can achieve your goals.  

Campus to Corporate

Are you a fresh graduate looking for a job or a new hire trying to adapt to the workplace environment? Let us help you prepare for the corporate world! In this program, we will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge about appearance, behavior, and communication in the workplace. 


Digital Literacy for Professionals 

Do you need assistance in navigating the digital world? Through our Digital Literacy Coaching Program for professionals, learn how to use different digital tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Zoom. With Communicare, you can learn how to advance your career by becoming technical savvy.


One-Time Consultation 

Do you need advice on a particular project or area of your career? You can book a one-time session and receive an assessment and recommendations from a communication expert.