Communication Learning Programs

Coaching Programs

Communicare‘s one-on-one online coaching programs are for those who want to develop their communication skills and personal image branding  through a personalized program. Students who complete their coaching program’s requirements shall receive a digital certificate and graduate badge.


Effective Business Communication:

Enhancing My Writing and Speaking Skills

This is Communicare’s flagship and most in-demand coaching program! Here, you will learn how you can be an effective and confident communicator in the workplace. 


Effective Business Writing:

Unlocking My Writing Skills and Potential

Effective Business Writing is one of our most requested coaching programs! This aims to help you learn how to write clear, organized, concise, and professional business emails. 


Effective Speaking Skills:

Building My Public Speaking Skills and Confidence

Do you want to be a more confident and effective speaker? This program aims to equip you with speaking techniques for both face-to-face and virtual meetings.


Powerful Presentation Skills:

Unleashing My Confidence and Power as an Engaging Presenter 

This learning program is for executives and professionals who want to learn how to confidently deliver effective and data-driven yet interesting presentations. 


English Grammar Refresher for Professionals:

Developing My Business English Communication Skills 

Do you want to improve your English communication skills? Let us help you through this refresher program for professionals.


Strategic Personal Branding: 

Building My Credibility and Presence to Advance My Career

With your coach, strategize to become the best version of yourself so you can get your dream job or that promotion! Here, you will be coached on how you can build your credibility, professionalism, and excellence through your appearance, behavior, communication, and digital presence. 


Leadership Communication:

Enhancing My Communication Skills and Presence as an Empowering Leader 

Are you a growth-driven leader or company executive? Do you want to strengthen your presence and communication skills? Learn how you can effectively coach and communicate with your team so that you can motivate them to achieve your business goals.


60-Minute Coaching:

Gaining Support and Help for My Communication Learning Needs and Personal Development Goals 

Do you need help and support for a particular communication challenge or block to your personal growth? Are you not sure if a full program is for you? You may book a single 60-minute coaching session and get Communicare’s feedback and helpful recommendations about any of the topics below. Get the help and support you need in this one-hour session that will be dedicated to you and your particular need or goal.

  • Confidence-Building
  • Resume
  • Job interview
  • Email
  • Business presentation
  • Speech
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Communication techniques for career advancement
  • Any other communication-related problems

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