Communication Learning Programs

Corporate Training Programs

Our top corporate communication training prorgams are customized to address your company’s learning needs. Moreover, our interactive class discussions and hands-on activities are aligned with your business and related to real-life workplace scenarios.  (All courses are currently conducted virtually. Please contact us for more details.)


Core Communication Training Programs

Communicare’s Core Communication Training Programs cover the most essential communication skills that any individual must possess.


Effective Business Communication

The Effective Business Communication Training is Communicare’s flagship and most in-demand training! This helps the participants develop their English proficiency and written and oral communication skills so they can communicate confidently and effectively in the workplace.


Effective Business Writing

The Effective Business Writing Training aims to help employees and professionals write organized, clear and concise business correspondences such as letters, memos, emails and reports that reflect the message that they want to convey.


Assertive  Communication

This aims to equip employees and professionals with the different speaking techniques they can use in everyday conversations and meetings. Here, they will learn how they can be assertive in different workplace scenarios.


Effective Virtual Speaking Skills

This learning program aims to help employees learn how they can be effective and confident speakers in virtual meetings, webinars, and other online learning events.


Professional Online Presence

This learning program aims to help the participants learn how to convey a professional image through their appearance, behavior, and communication in virtual meetings and events. 


Professional Image Branding

The Professional Image Branding Training aims to help the participants learn how to build a professional image and observe proper behavior in the workplace. Here, they will learn how to create a personal brand that will help them achieve their goals.


Powerful Presentation Skills

The Powerful Presentation Skills Training provides practical tips on how to prepare and deliver business presentations with confidence!


Communication Enhancement Training Programs

Communicare’s Communication Enhancement Training Programs focus on developing specialized communication skills that the employees and professionals need for their respective jobs.


Client Centricity 

Most successful companies nowadays make their clients the heart of their business. In this training, you will learn how you can deliver excellent client experience not just through your products and process, but also through your people.


Excellent Customer Service

Customer service requires effective communication with the customers. This training is for front-liners who need to learn how to communicate with different kinds of customers, handle complaints, and deliver excellent customer service.


Effective Telephone Skills

In the Effective Telephone Skills Training, the participants learn how to project a professional image through telephone calls. Here, they are also taught on how to handle different calls and apply business etiquette.


Effective Meeting Management

This training aims to help employees learn the dos don’ts in preparing for and conducting meetings so they can achieve their goals. Here, they would learn how they can be effective meeting organizers, facilitators and participants.


Special Training Programs Offered During the Pandemic

Communicare is one with the world during this pandemic. To help people cope with the challenges brought about  by the pandemic, Communicare is offering these special programs.


Pursuing Personal Growth During the Pandemic 

In this session, participants will learn how they can pursue personal growth during challenging times. Here, they will be able to reflect on ways they can cope with adversity so that they can still move forward to live a life with purpose.


Staying Productive While Working From Home 

 This session would help the participants learn ways to stay productive and to effectively manage their time as they work from home. 


Effective Time Management  

With many people working from home, employees now need to balance their work and home responsibilities. This aims to help the participants learn effective time management techniques that can lead to productively.


Self-Care During the Pandemic  

This session aims to help the participants realize the importance of self-care. Here, they will learn different ways by which they can take care of their over-all well-being.