Communication Learning Programs

Corporate Learning Programs

Communicare is the communication learning programs provider of choice of many top corporations and professionals. Our courses are customized to address your company’s learning needs. Moreover, our interactive class discussions and hands-on activities are aligned with your business and related to real-life workplace scenarios. 


Communication Learning Programs

These are our top courses that help in building the confidence and communication skills of professionals.


Effective Business Communication

This is Communicare’s flagship and most in-demand course! Here, the participants will learn business writing and speaking techniques  that they can use to improve their workplace performance and productivity. 


Effective Business Writing

Business Writing can be easier! This program aims to help the participants learn how to write clear, organized, concise, and professional emails. 


Effective Speaking Skills

One of our most in-demand courses, this teaches participants how to effectively and confidently speak in both virtual and face-to-face meetings.


Powerful Presentation Skills

This learning program is for employees who want to learn how to confidently deliver effective and data-driven yet interesting presentations. 


English Grammar Refresher for Professionals 

This is a refresher course for professionals, who aim to continuously improve their English communication skills. Here, they will review grammar topics such as subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, prepositions, and sentence construction. 




Professional Development Learning Programs

These courses aim to help professionals develop their  image branding, workplace attitude, and leadership skills.


Professional Image Branding:

Building Your Credibility through Appearance, Behavior, and Communication 

This course aims to show your employees how their image can affect your business and their career. Here, they will learn how to build  a  professional brand and best represent your company through their appearance, behavior and communication. your company. 


Workplace Attitude and Values Enhancement  (Wave)

This course is designed to help employees understand the importance of having attitudes and values that can make a positive impact on your company and their personal success. Moreover, this will help them develop a mindset and set of habits that can lead to effectiveness, efficiency, and harmonious relationships in the workplace.


Leadership Communication

Communication skills are essential for leaders. In this course, corporate executives, managers, and supervisors will learn how to effectively communicate with their teams so that, together, they can achieve their goals.



Learning Delivery Options:


Learning can now be accessible and easy for all employees! No matter how busy they are or where they are, your employees can build their skills through our live webinars! The best part is they can still enjoy and get the same quality training as our in-person classes. The online courses are best for companies with:

  1. remote workers
  2. field workers
  3. employees in different offices or locations 
  4. employees in various countries 
  5. employees who can attend training sessions with shorter durations 



Do you want your employees to learn together in one place? Communicare can also conduct in-person sessions in your office or preferred location. 



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