Communication Learning Programs

Corporate Learning Programs

Our top Corporate Learning Programs are customized to address your company’s learning needs. Moreover, our interactive class discussions and hands-on activities are aligned with your business and related to real-life workplace scenarios. 


Communication Learning Programs

Communicare’s Communication Learning Programs cover the most essential communication skills that any individual must possess.


Effective Business Communication

This is Communicare’s flagship and most in-demand learning program! Through this program, participants learn business writing and speaking techniques they can use in the workplace in the new normal. 


Effective Business Writing

Business Writing can be easy! This program aims to help the participants learn how to write clear, organized, concise, and professional emails. 


Assertive  Communication

This is a confidence-building program designed to help employees communicate assertively. It aims to equip them with listening and speaking techniques for different workplace scenarios. 


Effective Virtual Speaking Skills

One of our most in-demand courses, this teaches participants how to prepare for virtual meetings and speak in front of a camera. It also covers virtual meeting etiquette. 


Powerful Presentation Skills

This learning program is for employees who want to learn how to confidently and effectively deliver data-driven yet interesting presentations. 


Effective Virtual Meeting Management

Virtual meeting management can be made easy through this program. This covers the dos and don’ts in preparing for and conducting virtual meetings. Here, they shall learn how they can be effective meeting organizers, facilitators, and participants.


Professional Online Presence

This learning program aims to help the participants practice professionalism as they communicate and navigate the virtual world. 


Digital Citizenship

This is our latest course designed to open the eyes of participants to the importance of the responsible use of the different social media platforms. Digital wellness is also an important point that will be covered here. 


Client Centricity

Here, the participants will learn how their company can deliver excellent client experience not just through their products and processes, but also through their relationships and services. This course emphasizes the importance of putting the client at the heart of the business and the potential risks of having dissatisfied clients. 


Personal Development Learning Programs

Our over-all well-being and daily habits affect the way that we communicate. Thus, as you help your employees grow as individuals, you also help them grow as communicators and employees. When they are happy, they perform better in the workplace. 


Pursuing Personal Growth 

In this course, participants will learn how they can pursue personal growth in spite of adversity. Here, they will be able to reflect on their life purpose and everyday goals. The session also aims to share with them some tips on how they can use their gifts and create strategies to pursue personal growth. 


Productivity and Time Management Strategies for Remote Workers 

The work-from-home set-up is new to many people. It has brought stress and anxiety to many as they adjust to the new normal. In this course, participants would learn ways to stay productive and ways to effectively manage their time as they work from home. 


Self-Care for Professionals 

Due to the pandemic, many employees are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. This often affects their productivity. This course aims to help the participants realize the importance of self-care. Here, they will learn different ways by which they can take care of their over-all well-being so they can perform better at work.