“We are thankful to Ms. Monica Prado of Communicare Training and Development in customizing the Pursuing Personal Growth Webinar for our team based on the data we provided.  The webinar session was engaging and in turn, became a proper venue for the employees to share their personal experiences with the group.   The session helped our employees to inspire and to be motivated with each other’s learning experiences. The e-training session will not be relevant and meaningful for the participants if not for your guidance and proper advice.

We look forward to working with your team again in the future.  Hoping for the best in your future engagements.”

– Ms. Nini Cruz, Human Resources and Administration Manager


“Knowing that I’m quite a reserved person, I was nervous at first about how I was going to do my Effective Speaking Skills Online Course. But I needed to give it a try to achieve my goal. As I went on with my training, I learned to be comfortable, to enjoy what I was doing, and to acknowledge the key points that needed to be done in order for me to speak in English effectively. Ms. Monica did not just teach me the important keys to be successful in my course. But she also made me realize and appreciate my strengths.

I’m very privileged to be a graduate of Communicare and I would recommend everyone to choose Communicare Training and Development.”

– Ms. Maria Teresa S. Bonagua, Demand Planning Manager


“It’s always a pleasure working with the Communicare Training Team! We’ve had them participate a couple of times already (most recently, the Effective Virtual Speaking Skills Session – really timely and relevant!) to enhance our Learning and Development Program and feedback from our employees is always positive! A big reason we love going back to Monica and the rest of the team. Keep up the good work and looking forward to more sessions in the future.”

– Mr. Justin Deen, Senior Manager


Of course, I can see Monica Prados expertise on the subject matter. We were fortunate she was our consultant. I think that this is really her line of work. She knows the needs of the attendees. She was not just standing there, presenting. She was approaching people. The training was interactive. The audience was very interested in the topic. They were not bored. There was interaction with the group and with the consultant.

Mr. Rick Menor, Civil Engineer


“Being in front of somebody has always been a daunting task. It took years before I accepted this fact and started dealing with my flaws in socializing and treating myself. This was where Communicare Training and Development was able to help me. The way I presented myself, spoke and responded was addressed in a systematic way and tailored to my personality. I was challenged. Although it was uncomfortable, I accepted the program wholeheartedly. I improved and it changed my perspective in many ways.

Thank you Communicare and Monica. Those two days of seminar really made an impact in my life in ways you couldnt imagine.

– Mr. Topher Dizon, Industrial Engineer


Communicare has always been our preferred training provider in Makati Development Corporation back when I was handling the learning and development programs of the company. Their Founder and Lead Communication Training Consultant, Monica Prado, has been very instrumental in addressing the training needs of our employees especially in the area of communication by coming up with effective and engaging training programs such as High Impact Presentation, Effective Business Writing, and Professional Image Enhancement, among others. Her expertise in the field of learning and development makes her one of the most sought after corporate trainers. I highly recommend Communicare and I look forward to working with them in the near future.

– Mr. Edezer Ezer Carias, Senior HR Manager


The training was very fruitful and very amazing. I was impressed. I was able to acquire communication skills. I learned so much. I apply it to my daily job. I improved because of your (Communicares) training.

Mr. Neil Reforsado, Mechanical Engineer


I am very grateful I took up this Speechcraft Training under Communicare because it was fun, insightful, worthwhile and unique experience. Communicare has been a great help to me in improving my oral communication skills. It not only equipped me with knowledge regarding effective oral communication, but also provided the venue for me to practice the skills I have learned in my Speechcraft Training. Unlike the usual lecture-class setting, the facilitator, Ms. Monica Prado, engages with the student to avoid the common pitfall of traditional classroom discussions long tedious explanations and passivity of the student. She tries her best to encourage me to take an active role in the learning process by asking me to contribute also to the discussion. She asks questions related to the topic and I, as her student, respond to the best of my knowledge. In a sense, Ms. Monica assured me that my Speechcraft Training under Communicare was a collaborative learning process. She made me feel that I am not a mere listener but also an active contributor in our discussion. Communicare sees to it that the participants involved in the communication process always develop rapport with each other to ensure effective communication.

Ms. Chariss Garcia, Human Resources Business Partner


The Effective Oral Communication workshop I had with Communicare was a great learning experience. The facilitator, Ms. Monica Prado, taught me how to apply the tools of effective communication in the workplace, in meetings and in public speaking. I learned how to confidently present myself in front of an audience. Ms. Prado was very organized in her presentation. She was a good motivator and a credible speaker. She was very effective in conducting the workshop. The idea of customized training was very constructive. The exercises and activities were all interesting. It was a SUCCESS!

Ms. Lee Calinisan, Office Service Jr. Manager


With Communicares training, I learned how to gain confidence in public speaking, how to communicate with powerful words and how to effectively convince people to invest in our products.

– Ms. Cheyenne Che, Investment Trainer


My daughter, Sophia, and son, Alden, attended a training conducted by Monica Prado of Communicare Training and Development to prepare them for their application interviews for Medical Schools and corporate job respectively. Ms. Monica as a Training Consultant is full of enthusiasm, inspiring and effective yet down to earth. She is very effective in motivating her trainees. Ms. Monica is really attentive to her clients needs, mannerisms and tendencies and addresses them accordingly. She helped my daughter, Sophia, correct her posture and over-all stance when being interviewed and improve her ability to relate to others. Likewise, Alden has gained confidence in speaking in front of an audience. Her approach is very practical which my children found it easy to understand and adopt. She was a big help to Sophia and Alden in pursuing their respective careers. Because of Ms. Monicas teaching and coaching, Sophia is now in her second semester in the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and able to gel with her classmates. Alden is now doing well at his work in the HR Department of Meralco. I strongly recommend Communicare Training and Developments programs in enhancing interpersonal and communication skills of aspiring students and professionals to help them gain and reach their full potentials.

–Mr. Ruben Benosa, First Vice President


Communicare extends sharp, practical and purposeful training programs that enable ample learning within the time frame that the clients require beyond expectations.

Ms. Chel Francisco, Hotel Customer Relations Manager