Our Mission

Are you looking for effective communication learning programs?

Is your lack of communication skills affecting your performance and confidence in the workplace?


Signs You Have a Communication Gap:


  • High volume of customer complaints 
  • Inability to close sales 
  • Workplace conflicts 
  • Shy, passive, and aggressive employees 
  • Difficulty in adapting to virtual communication 
  • Delayed timelines


  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Disorganized thoughts 
  • Difficulty in writing business emails 
  • Difficulty in adjusting to virtual communication 
  • Inability to get a promotion 


Do you want to improve your communication skills, but have no time for long, boring lectures?



Our Solutions to Your Communication Gap  

In 2010, Communicare’s chief learning officer and founder, Maria Monica Prado, observed a common problem in the business world. She noted that many employees possess competent technical skills, but lack the confidence and the skills in communicating. Thus, with her experience and knowledge in the fields of communication, media, and learning and development, Monica, together with Communicare’s Business Development Director, JP Prado, established Communicare to help organizations and professionals develop their communication skills in an enriching yet fun and exciting learning environment.

Since then, Communicare has conducted communication learning programs and talks for thousands of individuals and the Philippines’ top corporations.

Here are our solutions for you:

  1. Corporate Learning Programs
  2. Coaching Programs 
  3. E-Learning Courses
  4. Keynote Presentations
  5. Consultancy Services

Here are our learning delivery options:

  1. In-Person Training
  2. Live Webinars
  3. E-Learning Courses


Know more about us!

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