Effective Oral Communication Training for Cardinal Santos Medical Center

Our communication style affects our relationship with other people. Hence, it is important for us to be mindful of how our words and actions  affect others especially those who are going through difficult time such as the sick people and their families.

This is why the employees of the Cardinal Santos Medical Center attended Communicare Training and Development’s Effective Oral Communication Training. They wanted to  become better communicators for their patients and stakeholder. Here, the participants learned how they could improve their English proficiency. In addition, they learned how they could effectively use their vocal and visual communication techniques. After the class discussion and activities, the participants were given the opportunity to practice their oral communication skills. Each of them had to deliver an impromptu speech in front of the class.

At the end of the training, the participants expressed their gratitude to us for what they have learned. But we were also very thankful to their organization for the opportunity to help their employees learn how to communicate better. Conducting this training was very fulfilling for us because we knew that through this training, we had the opportunity to make a difference not just in the lives of our participants, but also in the lives of their patients.