Ways to Grow Your Career

The late comedy icon, Joan rivers once said in an interview, “When I get into bed at night, I say, ‘What did I do today to help my career? What did I do today to work on my career?’ I love what I do, but I also know, you must do it.” She could not have said it any better. To grow your career, you take steps everyday to bring yourself closer to your goal. You cannot do one big step one day and expect yourself to be the next Warren Buffet or Oprah the next day. As we enter the new year, let’s ask ourselves, “What can I do this year to help my career?” If you think you need to be a little bit more proactive, these tips may help you gain career growth. 

1. Learn new things

Learning is a continuous process because the world is continuously changing. If you stop learning, you would be left behind. Read books. Watch TV. Attend training sessions or take online courses. There is a wealth of information around us nowadays. 

2. Take on that extra project 

Yes, it is an added workload. But doing new things always gives us new ideas. One thing also leads to another. By taking on a new project, you may discover an untapped talent or meet someone who has another career opportunity for you. So volunteer to organize your company’s next event or handle the project no one wants to take. You are not only helping your boss or your company, you are also helping yourself. 

3. Talk to people who know more than you do

Talking to experts in your field does not only help you learn, it also inspires and motivates you. Find someone who can be your mentor. This may be your boss, colleague or uncle. If you can, learn from experts around the globe so you can have a broader perspective.

4. Be visible online

Thomas Friedman’s book title, says it all, “The World is flat.”  Because of the internet and the platforms we now have, many businesses have been born. Talents from all over the world have been discovered. Take advantage of these opportunities that can be found online. If you are in the corporate world, it is advisable to have a Linkedin Account. If your are an interior designer, fashion designer, graphic artist or brand consultant, showcase your work through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. For businesses, it is vital to have accounts on these social networking sites and of course, a company website. Bottomline is, people should be able to find you online so they can gain information about you and what you can do.

5. Stop procrastinating and take action

While having social networking sites is helpful for your career, it is also very tempting to waste our time on it. How many minutes do you spend stalking people on Facebook and Instagram? Social networking sites are not necessarily bad. It is how you use it that makes a difference. So stop procrastinating and spend your time productively. Instead of watching every move of your friends on Facebook, take steps that would bring you closer to your career goals. Time is money so spend it wisely. 

You do not have to be the most intelligent or talented person to advance in your career. What makes the difference is the effort that you put everyday to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Whatever you sow, you reap. 

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash